Archerview Body Corporate Management is a Rockhampton’s only locally owned strata management company providing personalised and on the ground management to owners and clients.

Body Corporate Meetings

  • Notify lot owners of annual general meeting, extraordinary general meeting or requested extraordinary meeting;
  • Invite lot owners to submit motions for inclusion on meeting agenda;
  • Prepare agenda in accordance with submissions and provide to lot owners prior to meeting;

Administration Services

  • Receive, collate and issue correspondence on behalf of the scheme and Committee;
  • Liaise with stakeholders and third parties regarding the scheme;
  • Attend meetings and document Minutes;

Committee Services

  • Liaise with Committee members regarding scheme operations;
  • Advise owners of upcoming Committee meetings and issue Minutes following meetings;
  • Attend Committee meetings if requested and document Minutes;

Financial Services

  • Maintain individual bank accounts on behalf of schemes;
  • Issue levy notices to owners and receive payments;
  • Prepare financial statements and regular account reconciliations

Legal Services

  • Prepare Disclosure Statements and Information Certificates for property transactions;
  • Receive change of ownership documentation and update roll records;
  • Obtain and provide copes of Community Management Statements, by-laws or relevant legislation to owners or other stakeholders;

Secretarial Services

  • Maintain body corporate roll
  • Maintain body corporate records and make available upon request

Other Services

  • Arrange financial audits;
  • Arrange insurance policy renewals
  • Assist developers with preparation of documentation for creation of new schemes
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